Ken Schultz offers comprehensive financial and estate planning services. Ken works closely with you to find unique solutions to build a sound financial plan by bringing together your personal circumstances and financial goals with his knowledge and experience. He uses mostly safe money low risk strategies. A large part of his practice involves his clients create a lasting legacy. Ken helps them reposition moneys through conservative planning that can help with their charitable giving to their favorite non-profit foundation or religious affiliation.

"Ken does a fantastic job with his book. The covered topics were well done; it's packed with vital financial information, yet an easy read for the layperson.”

-Hillel Presser, Asset Protection Attorney

"In my years of business, I have never met a more passionate and dedicated individual than Ken Schultz. He is one of the few people who will maintain your best interests above his own, and for that reason he has earned my complete trust."

- Barry S. Chesler, Entrepreneur